WORDY: Dyslexia and Environmental Attitude Assessment

Wordy is a word puzzle game that is designed to assess the environmental attitude of children and also Dyslexia in Turkish. Wordy has two objectives. The first objective is to develop a tool to observe and understand the patterns of dyslexia in the Turkish language. Since dyslexia can create problems in academic and social life, knowing the patterns that are specific to language is vital to early detection. Such studies are still very limited in the Turkish language compared to other languages. With the help of our design, we aim to see the patterns of the participants’ mistakes and the most common obstacles in the Turkish language. In addition, the second objective is to develop a different technique for helping environmental education to overcome the challenges they are facing. In the last three decades, environmental education designs are on the rise to enhance eco-friendly behaviours to prevent the harms of climate change. The majority of the studies focus on in-class education and outdoor activities; however, accessibility and efficiency problems are still preventing researchers from getting reliable results from such designs. Besides the pattern of dyslexia in the Turkish language, this project focuses on the application of mobile technology for environmental education with a story about the sustainable environment and ecological problems in the Northern part of Cyprus, which developed in line with the current primary school curriculum.


  • Aslihan Tok
  • Hakan Yekta Yatbaz
  • Berkem Cinar
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Asli Niyazi Noburdali
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeliz Yeşilada