ViSTA+: Visualisation of Scanpath Trend Analysis Plus

Eye tracking plays a key role in understanding of how users interact with visual stimuli. Eye movements of individuals tend to be complicated and different from each other, and therefore it is challenging to cluster them into a single representative path. Scanpath Trend Analysis (STA) is designed to analyse eye movements of multiple individuals to discover their trending path on a visual stimulus in terms of its specific areas of interest (AOIs). It provides the most representative path of individual paths in comparison with other similar approaches. STA has been used for different purposes, such as an understanding of how people with autism differ from neurotypical people while they are interacting with web pages. In our previous work, we developed the first web-based visualisation tool for STA called ViSTA which allows to visualise individual eye movements on a visual stimulus, visually draw AOIs, apply STA, and visualise its result. The main objective of this project is to build on top of the previous project and provide a new web-based visualisation tool called ViSTA+ which supports additional visualisation techniques including a heat-map visualisation of eye-tracking data and an animated visualisation for the result of STA.

Type of Project

  • Undergraduate Graduation Project



  • Asli Kırmızı (Undergraduate Student)
  • Bilal Kabasakal (Undergraduate Student)
  • Atacan Deniz Öncü (Undergraduate Student)
  • Dr. Şükrü Eraslan (Supervisor)
  • Dr. Yeliz Yeşilada (Supervisor)