Twes+: Twisting Web Pages for Saving Energy

Battery capacity (energy density) is increasing at around 3% per year. However, the increasing requirements of the mobile platform is placing higher demands on this capacity. In this case, there are three options: decrease our expectations of the mobile platform, increase the capacity and therefore size and weight of our batteries, or create energy saving solutions to extend battery-life with minimal effect on platform performance. This project aims to develop a system called Twes+ which is inline with the last option and aims to transcode web pages for increasing battery-life when surfing-the-web without changing the look and feel.

Type of Project

  • MSc Project



  • Eda Köksal (MSc Student)
  • Dr. Yeliz Yeşilada (Supervisor)


  • Eda Koksal, Yeliz Yesilada and Simon Harper. Twisting Web Pages for Saving Energy. International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2017), 225-245, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, volume 10360.
  • Eda Koksal and Yeliz Yesilada. Web Sayfalarının Enerji Tasarrufu icin Donusturulmesi. Proceedings of the 9th Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium (UYMS), Izmir, 2015.