CABAS – User Study – FAQs

  • What do I need to do to contribute?
    First, you need to install an app to your own mobile device by following the study instructions. Then, for at least 1 week, you should interact with your mobile device as you do in your daily life and answer context labeling questions as accurate as possible. At the end of 1 week, you can uninstall the app.

  • Why should I install this app to my mobile device?
    In the literature, several studies are investigating the effect of context on user performance. However, these studies have been conducted in controlled lab environments. These types of studies have been criticized for not reflecting real-life scenarios. For this reason, our study aims to observe the relation between context and your performance in your environment, with your phone and on your everyday tasks. To collect sensor measurements, performance data, and context labels, we need to install an app to your mobile phone that will run in the background as an accessibility service.

  • Who has developed this app?
    AWARE is a framework to collect mobile context information. For further information, please visit We have made minor changes on the AWARE framework, for instance, we added automatic ESM questions you will receive after you enter text.

  • How long should I keep this app installed?
    To capture different moments in your daily activities, you should keep the app installed and active for at least 1 week.

  • Risks
    The risk and discomfort associated with participation in this study are no greater than
    those ordinarily encountered in daily life or while carrying a mobile device.

  • Benefits
    There may be no personal benefit from the participation in the study except for the compensation. However, it will significantly contribute to the creation of a rich dataset.

  • Compensation
    The participants will be rewarded with $10/70TL worth of a gift card from Amazon or a preferred local shopping site if they complete the study for at least a week.

  • What data will I share?
    The study collects the following data measurements and information:

    • Demographic data about our participants
    • Data measurements from built-in sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, light, etc.
    • Foreground application names, the screen on/off events, call logs
    • Text entries
    • Context labels assigned by the participant

    The app DOES NOT take pictures, capture videos or audio, collect passwords, or collect screen content. It also DOES NOT send messages on behalf of the participants.


  • How will you use my data?
    Collected data will only be used for academic research purposes. Collected data will be used to train and evaluate techniques that learn the effect of context on user performance. The outcomes will be presented in academic publications. The data collected will not be matched with the participant identities. The text entry data will be used to check if the participants made an uncorrected typing error. After this process is completed and typing errors are identified, text entry data will be destructed. Raw text entries will NEVER be used in academic publications or other deliverables. The error detection mechanism is an automated process; as a result, researchers will NOT analyze entered text manually. Personal data such as name, email, etc will NOT BE mentioned in any publications.

  • Is it possible to pause the study?
    Yes, it’s possible to pause study and data collection. If you deactivate Settings -> Accessibility -> Services -> AWARE option, AWARE stops collecting sensor data. If you pause the study, please do not forget to resume it when you feel comfortable about the study.

  • Why do we collect textual content and how will we use it?
    The main purpose of this study is to observe participants’ text entry performance under different contextual factors. During the study, participants’ text entry logs (except for passwords) will be collected. These keyboard entry logs will be used to model participants’ text entry performance in terms of uncorrected/corrected errors and text entry speed in an automated process. We will never manually analyze conversation topics in the textual content and we will never share these texts with third parties.

  • When should I ignore context labeling questions?
    Whenever you feel that paying attention to context labeling questions will cause safety problems, please ignore all of the questions until you feel safe again. For instance, never answer context labeling questions while driving.

  • How can I quit the study?
    If you feel uncomfortable about the study, you can leave it at any time. In this case, all you need to do is to uninstall the app.