Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab

Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus (METU NCC) and Interaction Analysis and Modelling Lab (IAM) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, UK is a federated network of research labs pursuing similar research and development goals.

IAM @METU NCC lab aims to conduct research in understanding, analysing and learning user behaviour on the web to improve user interaction and experience. It is currently pursuing a number of research projects that look at different aspects of interaction analysis and modelling. This lab is also involved in the experimentation and research related to web accessibility, mobile web, eye tracking, transcoding and web page segmentation.

IAM @METU NCC lab is equipped with an eye tracker and a user study lab that can be used to conduct user experiments. This lab is made up of a number of academics, researchers and students, all of which have differing skills and research interests, but all of whom are interested in human interaction on the Web.